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Tips to Maintain changes in customer relationships.

Any organization facing changes is unavoidable, especially when they are trying to grow their sales, staff and their client base. It happens all the time in many organizations, but if managed effectively will become an advantage for the managing company. If you want to get aware of all the changes, communication is important if you do not have the personal connection you might not be informed about the changes.

Due to the variations in the organization, you or your staff might have to learn more aspects of the particular organization or even you have to undergo further training to manage the team without any issues.

Expect the changes and challenges

There could be a possibility that they might leave you if they think, that you cannot manage it very well like before the changes. Therefore, it is up to you to pay enough attention and improve communication and expertise to handle the advancement of your client. You have to take that as a challenge and face the issues of changes in your client’s company and firstly work out the expectations that your customer will look from you when the first meeting is set up with your client. In this case, you have prepared yourself well to show your client that your ability to handle the changes. As a result, you are not allowing your customer to look for another managing company to take over.  At the time of making changes, your client will be concentrating on maintaining everything correctly. Therefore, the customer will expect a huge support from you.

There are few things that you could expect changes that might have an impact on your relationship

Staffing changes may be you might have to deal with new staff

Working pattern and systems have changed

They have merged with another company or taken over another entity.

If you have not anticipated these things beforehand, you might show weakness in your first meeting with them after the changes have taken place in your customer organization.

Now you have to make your plan in your organization to maintain this relationship with your customer.

Allocate an own staff who can handle the changes very well and also need to be the good communicator as well.

Account managers in both companies need to communicate on a regular basis.

Do not allow one person to communicate with your client all the time and the final approval of any extra work should be done by you.

Quick responses to their emails, queries and any help requested by your client.

The fees chargeable for the extra work has to negotiate with them it will be your task.

Further, regular meetings will make things easier for you, as your client might not have enough time to keep you informed about the implications of change as such you need to initiate the meetings and get proper clear reports from them for you to deal with them.

The biggest advantage of having these conversations are to find out the challenges, and impact on the client’s company and learn how to fix them. Additionally, make your client feel confident about you, and if they are concerned about your management of the changes, you need to act as quickly as possible that will make them not to lose confidence in you.

Maintaining relationship is critical through regular meeting, try and create an emotional attachment with your client. But do not forget emotional attachment will come after the satisfaction of your services to them otherwise, the emotional attachment will not last for long. Always remember, to be honest, and helpful to them at all time to keep the relationship for future.


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