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Steps to Follow to Become a Writer?

Writing skills is one of the best skills that you can have, without the writing skills you cannot reach the top unless you are already born as a millionaire. Take me, for example, I have worked as an accountant all my life, and I concentrated all the time on figures but not on writing. When I left the job I went into in Internet marketing, there it made me realize, how the writing skills a e important and will contribute to further success in life and writing is an enjoyable skill.
The first step you think that you are a writer and learn to accept it. If you don’t think like that, you undervalue your work, that itself a sabotage. Even the biggest writers make that mistake you will find it difficult to believe that you are a writer because you are not getting paid.
Start to write whatever you are thinking about, with a desire to write, can write whatever comes to your mind, but put the heart in it. You cannot think of perfection when you are starting to write, getting yourself getting used to the fact of writing something is the biggest achievement.

What Happens When You Write?

Next, you might not like to give it to somebody to read, but you got to find someone to read it for you either your family members or friends and wait for their feedback. They will say something about your work, from that you will know how it has got an effect on others, for example, they might laugh, get angry over some of your points or even some can cry, that itself shows that you have made something valuable for them to respond that way. So, this should give you a little bit of boost and make you do more, like that way you have to do more to improve your writing skills. Keep going; it is known that people out there would not encourage you, but you should ignore that, and you got to believe in yourself, that is the one is going to make you a big writer.

Maintain a Silent Environment

When you are starting to write it is important that you are in a quieter environment and that your inner mind starts to work towards the topic that you are going to write about in that particular moment. The reason for this is to remove your brain from ditractions and get used to the thought of writing something and make it grow into big ideas.

What Do You Want to Write?

It will usually take a long time to getting used to select an option, whether article writing, poetry, essays,fiction or non fiction and eventually you will start to do what you fit in. You do not have to worry about any format only it is important that you have to be comfortable with it and progressing in your writing skills.

Keep Reminding that You Are a Writer

As you start to write you will be developing yourself, during this time, it will be helpful  to tell all the time that you are a writer. When you are writing I am sure that you will do your writing from the place that you are living in, if that is the case, some possibilities can get many distractions along the way. So, my recommendations are to have a calendar for writing times, and stick to it, in the meantime, you got to remind the people that are living with about your writing journey, and ask them politely not to disturb you. Apart from these, you have to practice writing every day and also learn how people are writing and follow their pattern of writing. It applies to all the fields for example if you want to be a good public speaker, you cannot just stand up and make your speech and expect great results from it, anything has to be practiced on a daily basis to get better results.
There is some people out there, think that they are great writers after writing one or two articles and because they believe that they are the great writer it is the matter  is only to unlock the key to say that they are great writers. They become overconfident, they do not realize the real truth that if you practice more, you become a better writer.
I would say to become a great writer, practice every day, read your writing, edit it, plan and revisit, these things will help you to improve your writing skills. Firstly, start something to write that somebody else has written as a sign of admiration then you start to write something of your own. There is another point in improving your writing skills are, you have to read all types of books to gain more confidence, vocabulary and writing tricks. You have to read more so that you become developed and be able to use your unique voice. It is not feasible for anyone to become a perfect writer overnight and it has to be understood, that takes a long time with lots of reading and practicing for a long time. When it reaches a point that you regularly write and deliver quality articles you will reach your goal and will get more work and recognition.

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