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How to make money online without a website?


There are so many ways to make money online without a website, but that said, when someone tells you about making money online, it is natural that you start to think about setting up a website or blog and using those platforms to make money.
Even though making money using websites or blog is one of the best ways to make money but there are so many other ways are there as well.
There are top earners how they make serious money on youtube, all that they do is to upload their videos and monetize the YouTube videos.
2.YouTube Ads
Money could be made by using Google AdSense, every one thousand visitors you get paid and also another way is from sponsored videos. Therefore, it is important that you have a Google AdSense account.
When you have the huge amount of visitors for your video you will be invited to join the YouTube partner program, and this offers additional promotions and adds revenue so that you will be able to make some serious money. You also can make money from some YouTube channels from affiliate programs.
3.YouTube channels that earn money.
You can make money without a website by using popular channel ideas to make money.

It is just a blog where you are adding your video instead of writing, here all that you need are a webcam and your excellent ideas. You can make a video with ideas like business, health, beauty, finance, and relationships and about the current events.
Product reviews
You make a video reviewing a product that you know about and also add an affiliate link when people get attracted to it you make the enormous amount of money. By that when you become popular companies might invite you and pay you for making a video reviewing their products in a sponsored video.
If you are an expert in some areas, for example, web designer, plumber, computer repairs or an installing a water heater you can make a video giving information. When people watch it they contact you for help, that way you make money.

If you have good cooking skills, you can make videos to attract people from there you can start your cookery classes. Making money online without a website depends on your skill and mindset as it is entirely up to you to make money without having a website.
If you are good at playing any instruments, consider having a music career with the use of YouTube.
4. Revenue Share Sites
Website owners find it difficult to get traffic to their blogs or websites as it is not an easy task to get traffic to the websites. Therefore, the writers find other ways of looking for making money online by joining the revenue sharing sites.
These sites pay a portion of their income to the contributors from ad earnings and affiliate sales as these sites offer an opportunity to make affiliate sales. The revenue depends on the number of page views for your content and it is a good idea that you promote your content on social media as well so that you will get many visitors as possible.
I have been writing articles and was posting it on Hub pages but according to others you also can try other two more sites Examiner and InfoBar ell. Some writers earn a full time living by writing like this to revenue share sites.
The topics that you can write about are:
The best advantage about writing to these revenue sharing sites is passive income, that is once you write an article you get paid over and over again but it might not start immediately and over the time you will find the increase in income steadily.
5. Affiliate Marketing

The potential of making money with affiliate marketing is huge but it keeps away the people going for it as they believe to enter into affiliate marketing they need to have a website or a blog, which is not true.
Having a website and making money from affiliate sales is a traditional way of doing it, but you also can make money from social media sites. If you create a tweet with affiliate link you cannot expect the sales immediately unless you have the audience they got to know you very well to buy that product from you, therefore remember things do not happen overnight.
It will be a good idea try and work on building the followers but do not expect them to buy from you straight away.
This process includes:
Building trust with your followers
Do not include affiliate links to all your posts.
Don’t oversell anything.
Participation is crucial.
A properly set facebook fan page should bring in income from affiliate sales, start making highly useful posts and you can add affiliate link but not all of them and also try and get as many likes as possible. When you are trying to make money online without a website you can use the Facebook ads as well. If you have a tight budget still you can use the Facebook ads for an affordable amount.
Create Digital Products

This is my passion, I love creating eBooks and online courses, they are extremely popular and Amazon has made it easy for us to publish our eBooks. I use two platforms and Thinkific to publish my online courses. To do this type of digital book creation you do not need a website, you create your books and market them in several ways out there.
Kindle can get your eBooks in front of millions of visitors easily and they convert your text edition into their digital format at no cost to you.
You can choose the topic in so many ways, may the best one in my view is to look at the best sellers at Amazon, daily events, forums and networking places.
The best topics that you can write about are:
Health & Beauty
All that you need to write an eBook is good planning, a computer and you have to know how to use word programming platforms. If you have the determination and hard work you can make your digital product and make your money online without a website.
5. Product Design
Have a great idea for a t-shirt? Think you’ve got the perfect drawing for a coffee mug? Sign up at a popular online site to start selling your designs!
While these companies each work differently, the basic idea is the same:
You come up with a design
You place your design on a product like a t-shirt or a shower curtain
The company offers it for sale on their website
When a product with your design sells, the site manufactures and ships it
You earn a percentage of each sale
You don’t have to worry about customer service, collecting payments or maintaining a website — it’s all taken care of for you! Some people have had such great success on these popular sites that they can earn a full time to live to design and selling t-shirts online.

 Do you want to create a digital product, you can read this eBook to get motivated.

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