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Main reason for failure is procrastination

Most people dream of having a better life, like, more money, loving family, better job and more holidays but they stop there with the dreams only. Everyone is well aware that dreaming is real, but it has no use if you are not taking action towards fulfilling your dreams. When you start dreaming about a better life, start to write down what you want exactly in life, and then set up a plan and also configure the goal with a deadline. We all are procrastinators, but at some point, we should stop procrastinating and start taking action.
If you stop and forget everything once you have planned, showing some invalid reasons as follows
I have no money
I have no time
I am scared that I might fail
Other people will talk badly about me if I fail.
I am doing alright in this job, and I might become terribly off if I leave this job.
When you have thoughts like these, you are finding reasons for procrastination, finding money will not be difficult if you want to achieve your goal. People spend lots of time in watching television or finding people to have long conversations without thinking that they are wasting their time, instead learn to make the best use of time if you want your dream come true. There is no point in dreaming and stopping there but learn to take action now and should not procrastinate. It does not help you if you have negative thought even before you put your thoughts in action that you might fail. There are lots of successful people out there have seen loads of failures before success when you fall you only fail if do not get up, that means you are learning a lesson how to get up every time you fall.

The worst thing that you do is worrying about other people, the human nature is, if you do well they want to help them and if you fail, they run away from you. Are you going to worry about other people, that is the silliest thing that you will do to procrastinate your actions? Sometimes when you are in a job you are too reluctant to look for other things to prosper in your life or to fulfill your dreams. That shows you do not want to come out of your comfort zone without knowing that great things will not come to you when you are in your comfort zone. It is another excuse for procrastination, and you have to take action, find something that you have the passion for, to do after work making an additional income, trying to face challenges and become the winner in life is achieving your goal.
Here are some tips to take actions to achieve your desire
Think of small actions that you can adopt to get good results.
Once you see the small results, will keep doing it on a daily basis.
Do not forget that persistence is the route to success.
4 After a while, you will see the incredible results that will give you confidence and make you continue with it.

Never give up and make it as personal development, when you have personal growth, your deep rooted fear and insecurity will disappear, this is one of the excuses for procrastination.
However, most people already know what they need to do to get the outcome they are seeking. We live in the Information Technology Age. Information on every subject is available to us at our fingertips if we just care to look. Perhaps you are putting off even doing that.
Trust me if you take small steps you will make big leaps in your life. So stop procrastinating now and do what you know will work or find out what will!