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Landing Page Plugin Instabuilder

The new “Instabuilder 2.0” is a high-quality plugin. For online entrepreneurs creating landing pages with WordPress plugins is easy with numerous options regarding design, OptIn boxes, email marketing means autoresponders and functionality.

Instabuilder2.0 is a tool to create landing pages or squeeze pages, but entire sales funnel is also possible. I examine the all daily use functions. These all has shown below:

Instabuilder 2.0 supports working with enormous Landing Pages.

It is very easy to use, yet flexible.

Bring all the functions you need.

Many templates. Every month new added.

The additional functions for managing the sites are worth gold correct.

The first results in the program.

  1. No previous knowledge necessary. The Landing Page Builder is very easy to handle. Nevertheless, it is very extensively equipped with functions. Without prior knowledge, you can create very high-quality landing pages.
  2. Many templates. The vast selection of templates simplifies the entrance. Few clicks get composed on each page.

The ease of use is one of the greatest strengths. All settings located in one place.

  1. Developers work more efficiently. But Instabuilder 2.0 is not only helpful for beginners; it supports experienced developers to work efficiently. I even used it in many of my projects. I also set the landing Page of my customers. They are across the board euphoric. Generate Leads successfully.
  2. The extensive management features:

The integrated split tests

The Funnel Generator

The integrations (autoresponders, etc.)

What are the advantages of Instabuilder2.0?

The biggest advantage is the integration of useful functions in the editor. Functions for which one usually needs more programs.

That saves you a lot of time and nerves. The work on landing pages has never been so efficient and flexible simultaneously. Instabuilder is the most intuitive-to-use responsive Landing Page plugin.

Among the innovative features include:

  1. Split testing. Testing different versions of a landing page have never been so easier with each other. You can add as many variations as you create a page with one click.
  2. Statistics. See how well your landing page converts at a glance. Is it working? Brings results. This is the A and O. The most important thing has to make such a page. With Instabuilder, all relevant numbers are clearly displayed. So you can take immediate action when necessary.
  3. The image search allows searching images directly into Instabuilder and store in WordPress to use directly on the landing page. The times cumbersome and lengthy search for matching images is over. Stock images having to set hints without copyright are loaded directly from apixaban.
  4. The image processing is also made ​​directly in Instabuilder. Use the built-in “mini Photoshop” to adjust the images accordingly.
  5. Funnel generator brings you a huge relief for the creation of complete series of pages. Build your marketing process clearly at one point. You have everything in one place.

What features does the Instabuilder 2.0?

Professional functions

Split tests

Funnel generator

Image Search

Image editing

Graphics Library

Senior Marketing Elements

Optin Forms (autoresponder)

Exit popups

Attention bar

Timed events (e.g. Magic Buy Button)

Gateway Page

Customer questionnaires (Quiz Marketing)

Slider in the footer

Script & Pixel integrations:






Content el

product boxes

2-step / 3-step options



Navigations (Word Press menus)

Columns & Tabs

Text, Picture & Video




Social Share items

Video in the background (frame)

Professional version with ultimate features

Also, there is a professional version, which brings more features, and does not save my recommendation here. This added value is top.

Funnel generator.  The Professional version provides an additional automatic Funnel-generation function.

You know the drill, so a sales funnel can quickly become confusing, even if you offer only a few upload and down-sell pages. But with the Professional version of Instabuilder, that is no longer a problem.

HTML export. Of course, this entire sales processes can be directly exported as HTML. Thus, they are quickly and easily usable on any web space.

This feature enhances Instabuilder of other WP landing page builder significantly. It represents an absolute increase in comfort and flexibility.

Master Split Tests.  These also include in Pro version. So you can test and optimize your perfect Funnels.

That was never so fast and easy.

Instead of all the pages to test individually, you drive your tests with Instabuilder directly on the entire sales process. It is capable and professional.

Every month new layout templates. Also, you get every month new models in the Professional version. Thus, it is ensured that the layout is eventually no longer “state of the art”.

Absolute recommendation. All in all, I recommend using the Pro version, because it makes Instabuilder a comprehensive tool.

Your pages and Internet marketing projects may grow quiet. You must have no fear that your Landing Page Generator eventually cannot keep up.

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I wish you all a “Happy Christmas and prosperous New year” as well.
By the way, I want to tell you that I will not be in country from the 18th of this month till 10th of February, 2018 as I have decided to take a long holiday with my family. I have some plans to do some work while I am on holiday but it depends on the availability of the internet facility as well.