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How to write an eBook and market it?

How to write an eBook and market it?


Writing an eBook might be an easy job for some people, but most of the people will find it difficult to write.  If you have a desire to write an eBook, first you need a good plan and willingness to write The writing skills will help to improve thinking power, communication and if you want to achieve success writing ability is one of the crucial factors. Firstly, write down the points that you are going to write about after having decided on a niche. There are many tools available on the internet to help you improve your writing skills such as Grammarly, Google docs to save your book and lots of books available out there for you to read about writing

. You need to follow these points before even you start to write.


Decide on a niche

Do your research about that niche and make sure that you have a passion for that niche?

Hire an eBook writer

Look for a target market.

Keyword research.

Assess the time that you will need to write

Keep clear vision about writing, revising and editing

The graphics that you might need to include.

Design of the eBook cover

How will you publish it?

When I started to write an eBook, I wrote about some touching incidents that I have seen couple of years ago. I have witnessed a childhood friends of mine, were very well off and had a happy life for about forty years and they nearly lost everything at the end, they lost two of their family members as well. That happened to them because they made wrong decisions in their life tha affected them severely. Then I wrote about a holiday that I have experienced with happiness, and how I felt exhausted at the end that made me think that am not going on the holiday like that in future. My latest eBook is about; my sister the topic is “how I paid my tributes to my dead sister. I was not able to write a simple letter even abbot two or three years ago, and now I am writing articles, daily posts, and even eBooks. Do you know why I am writing this is to encourage you to write?

Have you written your eBook and now learn about marketing it?


It’s not a good idea to try to sell your book to everyone, instead, you can try some group of people in your target market.

Create an effective sales letter with a little description of your book and also what they will benefit from it and they can have some fun and learn lessons from it. Give your clients some options on your website, either they can buy it from you or they can subscribe to your newsletter, so you can try and sell things from your future productions.

You also can use other online marketing techniques such as search engine optimization, online directories, promote your website and your eBook using social media techniques.

You can only make money if you sell your eBook and selling may be easier for you than writing it.