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How to use Facebook for your Business

How to use Facebook for your Business


Facebook is the fastest growing global network for more than three billion users around the world. It has become the hottest advertising market, can be used freely for advertising your product or you can use it as paid advertising platform. Facebook is using the idea of “Sharing” almost used by all the entrepreneurs to promote their businesses. Whatever your business it is worth promoting your business through Facebook is the most practical decision to make as about 1.5 billion searches go through Facebook on a daily basis.

Here are some tips below to promote your business

Create a Facebook page and promote your brand.

The first stage in your business promotion is to create a page or a fan page by filling out all your business details, and you need to post the daily updates with some interesting photos of your business. Then invite your friends and contacts to like your page and propagating the page by sharing it with people in your profile.

Facebook advertising to reach out to new prospects.

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Facebook has advertising programs, if you place an ad depending on your budget, and display a banner it will attract traffic to your website. These advertisements are placed appropriately, targeting the user interest, that will help to generate more traffic to your website ultimately you will have a larger customer base through Facebook ads.

Add a like box button to your web page.

Every page on your website should have a like box inserted, so, if someone likes the content of the web page they will share it on his wall, and it automatically gets connected to their friend’s newsfeed, that will increase the popularity of the web content. Eventually, it will drive more traffic to your website.

Create Events and contents using the power of your fan base.

Facebook is a great place to have events regarding your event if it is a sale, an open evening or any other events. From the menu on your main side select event, once you have created a fan base you can use their influence, power and help to hold these events. You can have a contest or a quiz to increase the visibility of your brand by promoting these events to your fan base. You can use this to invite people to your event but mention the information of your event such the name of the city, the event name in the details section, Facebook is not going to handle the ticketing side, you can link it to another site.

Facebook Marketplace.

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The marketplace located on the left-hand navigation amongst the other apps with the new design This market is used by local business to sell their products and they can create their channel to sell their products. It is an e-commerce platform, integrated into Facebook where people can buy and sell their items.

Hope these tips that I have given you for Facebook marketing, to help you out to get more traffic to your website. The like button is an excellent feature for your business if someone likes your page and it will show up on their wall, and it will show on their friend’s Facebook wall making an opportunity to spread the word around, that helps to increase your customer base.