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How to promote Amazon Products and Make Money?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means that you are promoting other people’s products and earning the commission. One of the biggest   ecommerce business in the world is Amazon, and it sells millions of products everyday. To promote Amazon’s products, you have to select a niche which has got good demand and create a website reviewing your product to promote your niche. I have selected Fuji camera as one of my niches and I have written the review to promote the camera.

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Things About Fujifilm X100S Digital Camera You May Not Have Known

Fujifilm X100S is a compact mirror less camera that has earned a wide range of positive first impression reviews. It’s one of the most confidently designed cameras that a photographer can use. Every dial and button of it feel like it’s designed appropriately and with purpose.

The menu system of this unit is surprisingly intuitive. It prioritizes manual controls over everything else. It offers a lens ring so users can control aperture and manual focusing.

You can control its shutter speed through a dial. Once you finish your preferred settings, you can fine-tune the exposure via its exposure compensation dial. All of these are possible to do without having to go through the menu. It’s truly a breath of fresh air.

Another thing you’ll like about this unit is its neutral density filter that’s built-in. This feature is useful when you shoot outdoors on a sunny day. With it, you can open the aperture and obtain shallower depths without having to blow up all the highlights.


If you’re fond of using Canon units, you’d be surprised to know that it feels a lot better to shoot with this camera. The unit’s EVF lets you see the results of the settings you’ve changed immediately. It means that you don’t have to make a lot of accidental misfires.

The X100S is light weight and small because the camera is designed well designed.  As mentioned, the unit’s controls are easy to find. Overall, it feels good to carry and use. However, if you are using this camera having a camera that you can set almost everything by just turning a wheel or a dial, you may need to learn a different way in operating this unit. It is almost the same as getting a digital version of a traditional film camera.


Compared with the X100T, the X100S doesn’t have a Wi-Fi or a GPS feature. It is probably because the maker wants you to dedicate this unit for shooting, instead of sharing. Despite the lack of those features, this unit remains a very useful digital camera for serious photographers.

Fujifilm X100S is a digital camera that will encourage you to use your skills in photography and learn how to use proper framing. You’ll also get to see how to obtain good lighting without relying on magic effects.

Even though this unit isn’t always an ideal choice for videographers, it’s still capable of shooting a full HD video footage at 1080p 60 fps. It’s a fancy camera with a retro look that can provide users with high-quality images. The unit is simple that when you use it, you’ll focus on your photography skills, rather than the camera you’re using. It just takes you to the basics of photography, which is a real thing.

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