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How to make more money from Google AdSense?


Most of the blogs earn money from Google AdSense, but most people make mistakes, and as a result, they could use the program to its full potential or even get permanently banned

I am laying down some tips to avoid those errors in using Google AdSense.

The rules of the AdSense will have to be understood very well and follow it with care. Some make a mistake knowingly, but without realizing that Google AdSense program has got set of rules, it would like anyone who is using the program to respect it.

The most important thing is not to create fake clicks, do not ever make artificial clicks by your-your friends and relatives. You have to build content so that your visitors will like your content and click the links and if your advertisements are related to materials. If you create artificial links, and if you click on your links there is a possibility that you will be permanently banned and lose your revenue.

When you are choosing the colors for your advertisement, you need to choose the right and suitable color for your blog or website. The wrong color choice happens all the time because the publishers are not knowledge about the color selection. There is hardly any point in having bad advertisements as it will push the people away without clicking. You need to have something visible and very distinctive.

The position of the advertisement is also very crucial as it has to be noticed by your visitors. Otherwise, you will not be able to maximize your profits.  It is also a familiar and unknown problem for lots of people, and if you want to have the clear direction in this matter, you should follow Google’s statistics which clearly indicates the correct positions for your advertisements. When you are joining the Google AdSense program, you will have asked about the size and location of the ads on your website.

With all the above tips, your blog has to updated regularly with new contents, for your visitors to keep coming back. When you are starting a website or blog, you might spend a lot of money and create a very attractive blog, but the people will lose interest and move away if you are not creating good quality contents on a regular basis to keep your readers with you. Find keywords for your website and create the content using those keywords, or try to use those words as frequent as possible to get better advertisements. There are people make a lot of money from Google AdSense by creating their contents using keywords. You also should be adding more pages to your blog or website but make sure not to overdo. By tuning up your contents, you will be able to turn your traffic into Google AdSense traffic and eventually more revenue. You have to make sure that ads appearing on your site are strictly related to your contents.

Banner advertising is not very popular; it will not be a good idea if you go to depend on those type of banners. By selecting proper banner ads, your site will get more revenue.

If the above tips followed correctly, you would see a massive increase in your income.

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