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How to keep your customers happy?

When we are running a business, our clients are the backbone of our business. Therefore it is our priority to make sure that our clients get the fullest satisfaction with our services or products. If we lose our customers, we lose our sales, and ultimately we lose our business as well. Customers are people, nothing wrong if they expect some importance from the business that they are their services or products.

Here are some ways that you can make feel them valued

Use my name: Please always use customer’s name and do not call the customers by their customer number, and in the event, you forget the name of the client when you put the number in your system the name will come up for you to address your client by name.

Listen to your customers:  Listening is important when they are raising their concerns, ideas and their order that they have placed with you, that there will be no mistakes. Good listening skills are very helpful when you are running a business.

Apologies: When you make a mistake, accept it and say sorry and try and put it right. Do not ever, try to prove that you are right and cover up your mistake.

Incentives: Give incentives when your customer make some referrals and do not forget that word of mouth promotion is one of the best and there is no cost involved.

Acknowledge your customer: You might be very busy, and when customers are waiting in the queue, a smile and a hello will help also say we will be with you shortly.

If you are having some problem with your customer’s order, you can get their advice it will make them feel valued and also that helps you to make some improvements in your service or product.

Surprise incentives are right for you to retain your customers, such as sudden discount or a gift as a way of promoting your new product.

When your clients are trying to make recommendations on improving your services or products you need to show them proper consideration and acceptance. Then it is up to you whether to implement that particular suggestion or leave that maybe for future use.

Any business will become successful, if you please your customers, you are solely responsible for that.