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How to finance a business with no money?

This article gives you a guide when you are preparing to find small business loans that you are going to buy. Getting a small business funding is easier if you have the knowledge about financing and the requirements of complete documentations and statements to purchase a new business.

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How much money do I need to start a business?

To apply for a loan or a grant, you need to have these documents prepared in advance before approaching the lenders for money.

Business plan

It is a record that has made when you are planning to set up, showing your niche, marketing plan, location, competitors in your area. The pricing structure of your product or services and a lot more about your business.


A budget done correctly is the most accurate tool for analyzing your finances imaginable. It answers two fundamental questions. 1. Do I spend more than I earn? 2.What can I afford to pay?

 Cash flow.

Most small business owners when they make enough sales they think, my business is doing well, there is nothing for me to worry right now. But unfortunately, they do not believe about their outgoings and the profit ratio. Cash comes into the business through sales and that money used to pay for the various costs and the difference between the two is the net cash. I cannot insist more and explain here about the importance of maintaining liquidity.

Follow the steps given below to help yourself to find finance for your business.

 1.Research on the internet to find business for sale or commercial property for sale. If you find a business to suit your requirements, contact the seller for more details.

  1. Get the purchase and sale agreement from the seller, agency or any other attorneys involved in the sale.
  2. Find a lender who can offer you small business loans to start a business and make sure that company will take care of your financial needs.
  3. Now start to prepare the documentation to apply for the loan. The documents such as purchase and sale agreement, complete the loan application given by the lender, buyers personal and business experience details, the copy of the tax returns if the customer is self-employed and the lease agreement if the firm is lease hold.
  4. Finally, wait for the approval of the loan from the lender, will take couple of weeks.


Apply for a small business grant

When you are starting a business, the capital is a big issue for lots of people out there, we have discussed the first option that is applying for a loan from a lender.  Always remember, when you are running a business with a borrowed capital, it is essential to maintain financial controls in managing the business.

Therefore, we also can look for other ways of funding the business, that is on the lookout for a grant. Firstly, you have to make sure that your business is eligible to apply for a subsidy and then the availability of the grant.

You need to start by searching on

  1. Government business funding
  2. Start -up grants for small business
  3. Small business finance websites

 If you are finding difficult to apply for a grant, it is always better to get the help of a funding specialist to advise on the procedures for applying for a subsidy.

The above process needs the help of a lawyer, an accountant, but you might find it expensive to employ them. Therefore, you need to do some research about the contracts, legal issues, lease and prepare the documents for a complete understanding, and then approach an attorney to check all the paper work in one go, in that way you will save some money . Do not forget; you will need an attorney to check your documents correctly, otherwise, you might incur a significant loss.

You will also need an accountant to assess the profitability of the business that you are going to buy therefore you need to hire someone to check their accounts to finalize things on your behalf.


Business investing  Positive Thinking    
A forum for Investors & Traders Bio forum by Bill Neutrino