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How to Create Online courses?

 In this day and age online education is the best and cheaper way of learning, and also you can learn from your home and any time that suits you. Therefore, lots of people are creating online courses today and creating an online course, all that you need the passion for teaching and knowledge about the product or service that you are going to sell.

First of all, let me talk about few things before I start to write about how to create the money making online courses.

How much I can make from my course.

It depends on the course, a length of the course, and how it has to make the transformation for the students or how much benefit that the entrepreneurs are receiving from the course. You can make a six figure income, and the individual course pricing could start from $47- $197 and can go up to a maximum of $2000.00 for an extended course.

How long will it take to create a course?

If you are a book writer, a blog owner and want to convert that into a course, it will take a couple of hours only. If you are starting from scratch will take a considerable time to deliver the course and maybe a four hours’ course could need twenty-eight hours’ work including your research time.

After creating the course, marketing is another aspect, you have created the course if nobody knows about it have to face failure. There are marketplaces available to sell your online course or to sell it from your website, and you will need website promotion or hold a webinar to promote your course.

What are the technical skills required?

I have been creating videos and uploaded on YouTube for a while, so that is easy for anyone to do, either using a webcam or a smartphone.  Once the shooting is done video needs editing software called Camtasia is useful for that. Screencasts are technology based recordings to show what is going on, on the computer.

The things you need to create a course

  • Research the topic
  • Create an outline
  • Presentation
  • Record lectures
  • Edit lectures
  • Upload lectures.

Research topic

When you are researching a topic, you need to take that have the passion for the subject and also that you already have some knowledge about it. If you are also having an online business for example if you are a web designer, you create an online course to teach the students from any part of the world. In my case, I consider myself as a good business advisor and an accountant as well; I will have no issues in teaching the students in any part of the world on these topics.

Create an outline

Now you have selected the item and write down the subject materials in point form and make it as a step by step lecture, and each step is a module. When outlining the course, should target a specific audience, and the benefits you can give them.  Your students will think about “WIIFM” that is “what is it for me”?


Creating slides using power point, for an online course is the quicker way of getting the content out, can use texts and images to create lessons for your students that can be easily reversed through.

Record Lectures.

When you are recording your lectures, mention about the course, then the description and then the benefits, it should be in short paragraphs, a bulleted form also could be in Italics. If you write long articles, people will find it annoying. Each lecture has to be 3-5 minutes’ long. Further, mentioning about guarantee periods is also important

Editing lectures

If you are creating your addresses in the video format, requires video editing, one of the tools you can use is Camtasia it is easy to use and not expensive as well

Your Product Launch.

Generate a need for the course, by educating and teaching your audience, showing them the real benefit in getting your course that said, it has to be of high quality.

Then finally create an introductory video for you, in that you need to introduce yourself with your photograph and tell your audience about your experience in your subject. Last but not least, if you can interview someone who is a professional in your niche and create the video to go with your course, that will help to transform your students. Do not forget to sell your course before it gets completed and you can offer your first video as a giveaway it will prompt the people to buy it from you.

By the way, at this point, I want to mention that I am creating my Online course, which I am planning to launch it by the end of March 2017. If anyone is interested in working along with me, can use the sign-up form on my website to join me, but is has to be from April 2014.


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