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How to create long-term relationships with you customers?


When you are selling online, it is crucial to maintain the long-term relationship with your client to increase your sales.
If a customer stays with you for a long time, it is clear that he likes your service or your product, in that situation you have a responsibility to make your customer happier as there will be more chances of buying more product that will lead to more sales and money.
There are few more ways you can enforce your customer relationship policy when running your business:-
A long term customer will recommend you to their friends and relatives to buy the products or services from you if that happens you got to make incentives to the client who makes the referrals.
Please keep up your regular communication with your customers using email after purchasing your products, or have a follow-up series using an auto responder. When you are constructing your emails, make sure that you are giving them useful information about your products or the future products, so that they can learn more about you and your product or services. By this way, they should be able to come back to you, regarding your product or maybe they can also put across their questions to you.

It is very beneficial to your business if you create more avenues like keeping the contact through the social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, this way you keep reminding them about your products or services. Regular posting on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter will encourage them to read the posts especially when you post any new changes it will make them more interested. Social media engagement has to be on a regular basis so that they will be aware that, will be able to read and acquire some more knowledge about your products.
Whether your business is offline or online, you have to have a blog to make your presence on the internet, and if you create a blog, that has to be updated on a regular basis. There might be some people who do not like to make any interactions using social media might be able to read your latest updated post about your business in your blog. Also, you can ask them to write their comments about your post, so that you will know how they feel about the new updates; this is another way of communicating with your customers.

If you have an offline store, you can write letters to the customers, or if not create a new brochure and drop that into their message box like reminding them about the new products. When your regular customer is visiting your store, will be a good idea to have a conversation and you could indirectly mention about your new product without pushing forward a lot. When you are out and about and if you happened to meet your customer, it is a great opportunity that you have a good conversation with them or maybe you make an offer to take them to a coffee shop.
You can also offer discounts to your loyal customers, and give them an opportunity to buy the goods on credit by setting a credit limit and the payment period. Remember to lay out the strict rule regarding the credit facility and also you can offer them payment options. If you are running an online store, it is crucial to have different payment options, otherwise you will not be able to enhance your sales.

If you run your business with the help of your staff team, make sure that your employees trained in dealing with the customers either offline or online, they also need to be educated about your products or services and the policies of your business.
Listen to your customers- when customers stay with you on a long-term basis with small business, the reasons are that they can voice their opinion, they ask you to make adaptations to their products that they want to buy from you.
Pricing – As a small business you have to sell your products at affordable prices for the customers to be with you in the long run.
Last but not least, always maintain trustworthiness in the business, ethics in business will help you to survive in the long term.

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