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How to create a video blog?

 A video blog or video log, the shorter version is the vlog, embeds videos into your blog, this has gained so much popularity in this day and age as people like to create videos about lifestyles, opinions and teaching others about something that they know.

Have you chosen a niche to write?  Once you have decided what do you want to write about, the next step is to find out the platform for the blog and the hosting company. There are free platforms like WordPress and many free hosting sites like MSN, Yahoo, and Google. Once you have selected the niche, blogging platform and the hosting company you can start posting and do not forget to write about yourself as well as some readers first page they go into is the about page.

Instead of writing the contents you can add video to your blog along with some description in text format. To create a video, you can use the webcam, camera or your smartphone, as one of your video recording devices and speak into your phone to create a video then import that to your computer.   Some people use different software to produce videos such as VlogIt that will give a more professional look for the videos. Once you have created the video you will need to edit the video using video editing software, there are free ones available, such as windows movie makes, just install it on your computer and start writing.  Once your video is ready, you can add that to your blog for the people to view your contents through the video. Vlog should not be either too long or too short if it is too long people will get bored and short will lose interest especially if you are making a vlog on a weekly basis.

You can promote your vlog on youtube or social media, and at present vlogging has increased in popularity, as people like to watch videos than reading articles. Vlogging is popular some people out there are making a real income out of vlogging on youtube.

Some young vloggers are very satisfactory, and worth a fortune the reason behind it have got the trust of the audience. You can create videos daily and post it to your youtube channel to attract more audience and become successful in vlogging.

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