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How much is my business worth?

You need the valuation of business especially for two needs, one is for the selling and the other for purchasing a business, as you will not know much money to ask for the firm. If you try to value your business without proper guidance, you will encounter problems such as too higher price you will have to offer, and if it is too low, the people will think that there is something irregular going on in the business. eBay is a better place to get the valuation as you could see fraud anywhere in the world.

There is no proper system to get the business valued, the systems are too complicated, and you could use business valuation calculator. The best option for the owner to arrive at a decision, as there is no fixed system to learn that how much is my job worth and if a person wants to buy the business could make a decision using business valuation formula. Eventually, everything depends on the individual’s decision to sell or purchase a business after taking the above factors into account. When you are either buying or selling a business, you have to take time to do the research and prepare to negotiate the price of the firm; you might be aware of the points that you can use for negotiation if you have acquired the proper knowledge about a particular business.

 You can use the following methods to do your valuation


If the firm has more than five employees, the business has got obligations regarding Health & Safety issues.

Internet Business

There is always a myth about internet business, as far as the fraud is concerned and also due to lack of proper evidence but this will affect the valuation of the whole internet business. As a result, the whole internet business will get devalued you have to be aware of this fact.

Assets of the business

If the firm is having stocks, capital, you will find it easy to value, if the company doesn’t have these things you will find it difficult to value.

Audit & Accounts

Has the business got review system? Has it got an accounting system in place? Even though the small business does not need to audit but if it has done the accounts and produced final reports by a bookkeeper, you could use it for your evaluation.


The value of the business depends on the situation as well, and also find out whether the firm is selling services or products in an area whether there is the market for it. What is the customer base for this business?

Future prospects

You need to assess the prospects, whether there is an opportunity to improve the business may be by changing the model of the firm.

Insurance & Permits.

Will the business require all these? Calculate the possible costs of those two expenses.

These are just a few factors for a business valuation, and there are much more to considered. The other important point is the sales, but you could find out about that from accounts that they have given you, you have to careful as it is not going to be an approved account.

I hope that the above tips are useful for you to value a business.

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