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How Do You Win at Home-Based Business? Hit The Floor Running

Have a planned daily activity.

I have few home businesses, every morning when I wake up I do not feel sick or tired of my business, but the other responsibilities around my home make me feel depressed. I do not feel sad when I think about my business because deeply in love with what I am doing despite the distractions that are around me. There are days that I fully occupied with other things other than my business, but I feel determined while I am with other obligations and think within myself that will never give up my desire to succeed and simply carry on with my work when I have finished my other duties.
My opinion is, it is not a matter of winning or losing; you got to work hard towards your goal, as you will regret it later about your negligence. Your bed’s warm and comfy and you no longer have a clock to punch or boss to answer to, so why not sleep just a few more minutes but wait, you ARE the boss and have a business to run! If you don’t get out of bed and make things happen, who will? How would this behaviour translate if you lived in the jungle? In my case I have no help at all, my children even do not know what I am doing; have to motivate myself because of my passion for what I am doing.

With no boss breathing down your neck or clock to punch, it can be so tempting to stay in bed one hour longer, to postpone picking up the phone and contacting that prospect, or to focus your time and energy on the easy and fun stuff and put the unpleasant stuff off until later. You got to remember that you have not invested a lot of money in any home business. Therefore, there could be a tendency to neglect or lose hope in success without actually working hard towards it.
One of the core competencies you need to succeed at home-based business is DISCIPLINE. You are now responsible for your success 24/7, and if you aren’t doing what is required to succeed, there won’t be someone to come along behind you and clean up your mess. It’s done or die, eat or be eaten.
To succeed as a serious home-based business owner, you need to be strong-willed and self-disciplined. You also need a reliable, thorough, written plan to keep you on track and in constant motion. Any business needs a business plan setting the goals and the plans to achieve these targets along with a cash flow, showing the income and expenses for the firm, but the crucial thing is to follow it up in an orderly manner.
To ensure continuous momentum, you can plan your daily activities a month in advance, or even weekly. Some people prefer to dedicate each day of the week to a different task, for example:

Monday – marketing
Tuesday – business building
Wednesday – customer relations
And so on, others prefer to perform a variety of tasks on any given day, for example-
Monday – marketing (morning), business building (afternoon)
Tuesday – customer’s relations (morning), industry research (afternoon)
The most important factor here has a Plan and stick to it.
Although most people start a home-based business to create freedom, many of them fail to recognize the critical importance of a structured program.
No plan = no companies and no business = no freedom.
I have the different type of program, with an excel spreadsheet, listed all my jobs on a daily basis. And at the end of the day add the number of hours that I have worked in my business, and I fill that in for Monday to Sunday. So remember, hit the floor running each morning, keep ahead of those who are following behind and overtake those in front of you. You got to realize winning is hard work, but losing is easy.!