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How Do I Motivate Myself When Working from Home?

 There lots of people out there like to work from home without realizing the pros and cons in doing so. When you work from home, there will be lots of distractions as it is considered that you are available there all the time for anyone to get help from you. On the other hand, you will be cherished to have freedom and be able to do your work at your pace.

I have been working from home since 2014, and I have always made myself motivated by having organized everything to keep my job on track. These are the following ways that I keep on track to finish off my work on time.

How I manage family distractions?

I have my son’s family living close to me; I am expected to help with my grandson more or less on a daily basis when they are out at work. There is no hard work involved as they have got a full-time nanny as well, but it takes the bit of my time daily. So, I plan my day and include the help, I would do some work before they ask me to be with their son and do my job when he goes to sleep, goes out to join the play groups and then again I do all my work after they arrive from work. I always make it a point to do the routine work in the free time that I get in a day, and there are some days they do not need my help, so I get to select my schedule and finish off all the work.

How I plan my work

I have created an excel spreadsheet and kept track of my job from the worksheet, the daily routine entered in the spreadsheet, and that is very helpful to remind me and follow it up what has to do on a day. When I start my work in the mornings, I usually take a look at it and remind myself about the important jobs to accomplish. At the end of the day, I just enter the number of hours, that I have done for a day so that I will know my working hours for a week.

How I take my break

It is important that waking up at a particular time of the day and plan your work integrating the breaks in there. My breaks as I explained above I get to spend my time with my grandson, that gives me a bit of happiness but I am anxious to get back to my work as soon as finish spending time with him. As I have a great passion for my job, but that said, sometimes I feel like going out to make myself happier. My mind gives priority for the work. As a result, I feel reluctant to go out. But all of us need to have quality breaks. Otherwise, you will feel overwhelmed with work which is again might affect the production. Have a nap in the afternoon makes you feel better to do your work better.

Organize your working area.

I have a work area in my living room, have a table, comfortable chair with a computer only for myself, so anyone visits me not allowed to use my computer, that is the only thing that people will not use in my house. But when I have visitors, I cannot do the work as it is in my living room but anyhow if you have visitors you cannot do any job, so plan the social events and accommodate your job schedule.

Get the tools ready

It is crucial to have all the tools available for type of business we do, say, for example, if you are planning to run a bookkeeping business you need to have the following tools in hand


Internet connection,

Accounting software

If you are starting to run a restaurant from home, all the necessary kitchen equipment and a plan to deliver the food, permission from your local authority, and if you were going to allow your customer to visit your residence, separate visiting and seating area is needed. Likewise, you need a secluded area for your business to be successful.

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