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Getting a Home Business off the Ground is hard work.

Running a home based business is hard, as you have to learn to dedicate yourself to your business among the other eventualities. People out there think that working from home is so easy, as you don’t have to travel, there is no boss at your back, that is true, but in reality, these things will outweigh some other serious issues with home working. Firstly, you miss out on communication; it can affect some people they could become an introvert, will find it hard to collaborate with other entrepreneurs.

After considering all the above now, you have decided to set up the business. That said, let me the look at the ways that you can bring your business off the ground.

Build a website

The website will provide your internet presence, install a theme to suit your product or services and start writing the contents. It is always said “content is king,” therefore you need to create contents including keywords, after researching for the keywords in the keyword tool. It has to be fresh content with about a minimum of six hundred words. Another important thing about a website, bright and attractive images will have to add, the visitors to your site will first look at the pictures then they will start to read the content.

Build your Brand

Branding your business may look like a daunting task, but it is possible to do in so many economical ways. Have a constant presence in social media, once you know your target audience, and they spend a lot of time on social media, advertise your products or services on social media, or start posting about your goods or services and make sure not to be sales orientated. The timing and demographics are critical, as you have to reach the people that you need for your business. Anything you do in your business you have to share it with your customers to get the awareness of your brand.

Getting your business off the ground involves the heavy load of marketing, but you can seek to get free traffic to your website. You can post your contents on all five social platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, P interest and LinkedIn and also on free classified ads and Google plus. Once you have done all the above, your business will start to bring in sales, and you need to have proper systems in place to grow your business. Things like, cash flow management, Budgeting and invoice will have to be implemented. Otherwise, you will lose control of your business.

How do you collect Cash?

No one needs reminding of the importance of money flow. In tough times, cash needs getting in fast. And make no mistake the cost of reduced cash flow, both in bank charges and more might frighten some people who had not thought about it for a while. Even in a small organization, this is something that you cannot afford to neglect. You will be wasting time and energy for the payments to come to keep up your cash flow.

Therefore, do not deal with customers who cannot afford, do the credit checks as this is a sensible thing to do especially in your difficult times.

Check your payment terms and keep it updated all the time.

Chase the debtors by sending a couple of reminders.

Set up a Routine

Running a business at the beginning needs a very regimented schedule of worksheets, and has to be a great method, but requires flexibility as well.

Now you have a website, a marketing strategy and a cash collection process; you have to think about yourself and your competence to run the business.


At the start of the firm, you will have to work hard, long nights, lots of failures and challenges, nobody wins without failing, it is high time you learn to accept that. Success comes after failing, and winners will never give up.

You have to ask yourself these questions

  • Can I handle hard work without getting frustrated?
  • What time of the day can I be very productive?
  • What is that I am good in creation?
  • What is the best part of the work that I like the best and doesn’t stress me out?
  • What type of distraction gets me down?

Always remember, running a successful small business needs a lot of sacrifices, patience, organization and consecutive failures.  Anyone needs a good mindset to take all these without losing patience and never look back about your failures but learn from them. This path is not for weak personality have to be robust enough to face anything.

If there is one thing that you cling to on your journey, let it be this: Persistence is the key to achieving your goals. You want this. You deserve this.


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