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Do you want to become an online tutor?

 If you have the passion for teaching and also interested in a subject with good knowledge about it, you can start your online coaching. Do not keep your knowledge to yourself, as you might be having an issue to do face to face teaching; it will be ideal for you to go for teaching on the internet. When you are trying to create the course to learn online, you need to give upfront information as to why you are doing this coaching and what is going to be in it.

There are the couple of ways you can do it, either teach face to face on Skype or create a course and sell it. Do not worry whether people will buy it or not if the people are having a problem and you are giving them a solution they will have to purchase the course to solve their problem.

Do not think that you might not be able to sell it because other people have a course with the same topic. It is wrong to think that way as it is evident that there is a market for your product if not people will not choose that topic to create the course. Now, all that you need is to try your best and make it more outstanding, small and saleable course. When you are building the course, it has to be beneficial to the student, and after visiting your course, they should have the transformation and make them think that they have found the solution.

You do not have to be an expert in creating the course, and the first course is not going to be great, the people even if they can find free information on Google, they are still going to buy these online courses.

Structure your course

Start writing it as scripts and then outline the course in detail, you do not need long sessions, but it has to provide help for the students to learn new things from the start itself. You can produce worksheets with the related skills for the course, and they will find it easy to retain in the brain.

When you are making this course, it could be in any of the format given below.

PDF document


Slides and audio

Screen casts presentation.

PDF Document

Prepare your paper in word and convert that into a PDF document


In this day and age, people like to watch videos rather than reading articles, if you have no knowledge about creating videos, you can use your iPhone to create your videos, there is no need to incur unnecessary expenses for the creation of the videos. The quickest way to create content is video, and it is incredibly engaging.  All you need is a tripod to hold the iPhone when you are speaking into it. It is always good to learn to enhance your knowledge that can use for various purposes.

Slides and Audio.

Some computers have PowerPoint installed in it; you can use the PowerPoint to create slides and then use your iPhone to use the recording of the slides. Slides have to have short sentences in the bullet form so that your students will not get bored in reading it.

Screencasts presentation

The software called Screen flow will record what is happening on the computer, and you can create your video with that.

Also, you can include charts, worksheet, infographics to highlight some particular points in your course. The images that you include has to be of high quality, and there are lots of websites available where you can get free images. You have to create a great useful content and shall be in the form of slides, video, and screencasts for your course.

Marketing The course

You can sell it from your website where you will be able to keep all the profit apart from paying for your domain name and for hosting your website.  If you want to sell it from other marketplaces there, you have to pay a commission out of your sales. With some marketplaces, you will not have any control over your sales or your buyers.


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