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Computer Virus Removal Business From Home

Computer Virus Removal Business From Home


In today’s world, each and every household has computers, people are using it all the time either for work online shopping or browse the computer, so several things to enhance their knowledge. I use my computer for about 8-10 hours on a daily basis for work. Therefore, it has become an essential part of our life, so that the people will need some help with computers, laptops and other electronic items. If you are prepared to work hard this business is for you and not many competitors out there. It is possible to charge a minimum of $100.00 per hour.

How to find work

The easiest way to start this business from your home is to search computers that have been attacked by spyware; this could bring you a fair amount of income, as most of the people will not have the time to do the work and will spend the money to get the work done. Home based computer repair business might be difficult to get the customers as the people will not know about your business. You need to market your business, either by word of mouth or dropping leaflets.  You might be able to get customers from home computers as they want the work to be done faster and also they will need low-cost repair services. The computer industry is growing rapidly, therefore, the potential for the home business growth is definite. In this repair business some people might want you to visit their homes to do the repairs, and then you will have to schedule your work during your hours of work and at the same time, you cannot let down your regular customers while you are on these visits. By going to networking meetings and distributing your business cards, you will be able to get more clients.

Low start-up costs.

As you are going to run your business from home, you can set your working hours, and there are no travels expenses. Other reasonable office expenses like, rent, electricity, telephones, you will need assistance when you go out on visits. In home business, your family can help, in all aspects of the enterprise apart from the repairs of the computers

Services you can offer


You will be more comfortable starting off with essential services such as: –

PC cleaning up

Virus check, you will need virus removal software.

Data backup

Upgrading the computer

Some basic training, installing and configuring the printer

In IT business, you need not have the paper qualifications, all you need is right expertise, but you need to hire an accountant to deal with your taxes.

Things that you need to start up your home-based computer repair business.

Initially, you will need a secure area to perform your job without any disturbance, and you will need absolute essential tools like screwdrivers, pliers, external hard drive to store the data, operating system to boot from USB drive, tools to remove malware bytes, a capable tool to analyse RAM failures and virus removal software package. You will need permission from local authorities, and if you are self-employed registration with the tax office is essential. Maintain good relationship with suppliers for the parts and computer software. Keep your business insured to save yourself from any problems.


You should be checking on your competitor’s method of pricing, the best way to find out is the hourly rates. As you are a new home based computer repair service, you will not be well known at this stage. Therefore, the best way about is to keep the hourly rate little lower than the going rates to attract the customers. You can introduce free gifts with your service that will attract more customers. You have to quote a price for a custom order based on your hourly rate. A different pricing system you should have when you make home visits for home repairs.

Helping customers in other ways

comp repair

Not everyone has the knowledge about the computers if they want to start some business and if they wish to buy the computer, they might need advice from you to select the equipment for them. Your primary target market is the elderly, it is because of the advancement in the technology, and they will need regular clean ups and fundamental training. They will also need help in purchasing a new computer, and if you have earned their trust, you can recommend the purchases. Use this to your advantage to make the regular income. Good Luck with your new business.

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