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Bookkeeping Home business for Moms at Home


Anyone can start a blog and try to earn money from home, or some people do freelance writing to make money the same way. But I am going to reveal the other source of income for moms who are staying at home to look after kids but still want to have some income. You might think that working with figures is too hard and it is impossible, and at the same, I do not have the experience as a Bookkeeper to start a home-based bookkeeping business. If everybody is trying to start a blog to earn money, and I am sure that some people do not possess any writing skills also starting a blog, with the hope of improving their writing skills. It applies to Bookkeeping business as well.

If you are staying at home looking after your kids, want to make some money, especially you have been good in your high school mathematics you will not find it difficult to follow a short course and start your business.

Why do you Want to Have a Bookkeeping Business from Home?

Every business whether small or large, they need Bookkeepers to keep their accounts in order, this you will find in any part of the country.

A mother and a wife will have so many responsibilities at home like, looking after kids, maintaining her house, and need to take special care when the kids are not well, and take the special interest in children’s studies and school activities. Because of all these responsibilities for a mother, work from home business like bookkeeping is good enough to maintain and earn extra money will be easy for her.

Bookkeeping as a small business is ideal for a stay at home mom as you do not have to carry an inventory, there are no sales techniques that you have to apply to sell products, and keeping stock records.

Home based bookkeeping business is suitable for someone who cannot go out a lot and able to so the work to suit their time’s availability and also it is a business that you can be proud of as you are dealing with numbers.

What are the Responsibilities of a Bookkeeper?

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Maintaining ledgers


Bank Reconciliations

Maintaining Creditors and Debtors accounts.


Finance Reporting.

Sometimes deal with clients.

What is the expected income ? What is the period takes to achieve this revenue?

The bookkeeping job is easier for some people, and they do the work at higher speed, and people like that earn at least $5000.00 per month if they are running a home based business, but this is only income at the start. But eventually, if they increase a client base they can earn up to hundred thousand dollars. Therefore, all this due to individual’s dedication and capability and how good with the numbers.

What is your working plan to make this money?

It Again depends on the individual’s dedication, working space, frequently if you are making $5000.00 per month you will be working 15 – 20 hours per week. The more work you have, the more hours that you have to put in, this applies to all businesses.

. I work at home always select my day to work in the nights, I give priority to other personal things like helping my family, therefore work whenever I am free. But even in bookkeeping, we have to meet a deadline, tax payments for the payroll staff, VAT payments, filing accounts with company’s house and if you think you are finding difficult to cope up with your work you can always outsource your job.

How much money you think you will need to start this business?

For a home based Bookkeeping business, setting up costs are very minimum, and it is ideal for people who are good with numbers and do not significant capital to start a business. Therefore, what you will need a good computer, internet connection, and telephone.

You will need the following things to set up your business:

An Accounting package

Bookkeeping training study.

It is better to have a website, but it is not essential.

Brochure and publicity materials.

Some of the accounting software you can get it free at least for the initial stages. Therefore, the start-up costs will be well under $1000.00, but you will be able to get that money back if you, do proper networking and get some clients.

When can you start to earn your money from this business?


Starting to make money with accounting business is not difficult at all if you use proper marketing plan, such as word of mouth, dropping leaflets, attending networking events on a consistent basis. You have to do all these straight away, and you will be able to get customers at least within three months to start with and from increase the client base.

What are the qualities of an efficient accounting staff?

Further necessary skills are as follows.

Attention to Detail

Handling clients and solving their issues.

Planning all the tasks in order of priority is essential.

No fear with numbers.

Manage your time correctly, this applies to any business owner.

If anyone follows the above principle carefully, there will be no chance that you will face failure in your business and will lead you to have a happy, healthy lifestyle.