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A Basic Guide to Domain Name Registration Process

In this day and age, any business needs a website, but to create a site you should be aware of certain things. There are several articles out there, but here I have made it so simple to understand for anybody especially the newbies.

What is a domain name?

Domain names are familiar web addresses, for example,, so that web browsers will be able to locate a particular website when they are searching to learn about finance business. These are used instead of the IP address which has a bunch of numbers, and domain names are descriptive and easy to remember, it also represents the functionality of the business.

How do you select and purchase a domain name?

Before you are choosing a domain name for your firm or personal, you must have selected your niche by now. When you are choosing your domain name, consider your business activity and take your time to give a name to your business as it represents your company, say for example you are thinking of setting up an online store, you will buy a domain name like You may be thinking of selling shoes, jewellery, books, and handbags. Therefore, you cannot specify a particular item in the domain name, but you can generalize your domain name. Choosing the best domain name will help you to reach lots of visitors for your website as it is the first form of advertisement for your business.

Now, you have selected your domain name, and start to plan to buy one; it may be that you are looking to buy at the cheaper rate. Registering your domain is the first step to show your online presence and reaching visitors. There are many internet domain registrars are out there, I use Go Daddy all the time as they are not expensive and reliable. But there are other companies out there; it is important that buy from one of the likely places like name second, blue host, host gator. Once you have decided the registrar that you want to buy your domain name, you go to their official site and start to search for your domain name; it will come up as either available or already taken. If your selected domain name has already adopted you got to tweak your name a bit and try again, I prefer going or .net. Once you have made your selection, you got to go through their registration and payment process, and it usually costs about 10 to 15 dollars per year and another decision that has to at that point is the period that you need for your domain name whether it is for one year or more. If you purchase it for a year you could renew it at the end of the first year, some registrar will automatically renew it by using your bank details that they have got it from you.

Now, you have to decide whether you want to do private or public registration, individual registration will safely keep your personal details from the hackers, and it will cost you some extra money. If you do the open record, the people will be able to get your details easily. This registering is more convenient but also less secure than the private one simply because your full contact is widely and readily available including your address, phone numbers and email address which would make you an easy target for email spammers and fraud.

In the public registration process, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) will have four types of records.

Owner’s contact

Administrator’s contact

Tech person’s contact

Billing person’s name.

It’s okay to give the same name to all aspects of the complete functionality of the domain names.

Now you have finished with the selection, purchase and registration of your domain name and you are the proud owners of it now. But it doesn’t stop there; you need a hosting company to host all your files and records, then find a technical person to build your website, write all your contents and then publish it.

I hope that this article has given you some understanding about the owning a domain name.


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