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Best Webinars Ever

What is a webinar

Webinars are created for the participants to view on the internet, and also known as the online seminar or online workshops. These webinars are used to attract potential projects to promote their business, brand, create leads and holding conferences starting from small companies to a corporate level.

These webinars allow the audience to listen, watch slides, get involved in question and answer sessions. The main advantage is to receive, discuss and give information and view them from anywhere on their browser.

Today the webinars have become so important to increase their sale and more and more companies have discovered that webinars are useful for their companies and also can create for free.

The people like to run a webinar online for many reasons, because of affordability, flexibility, free webinar sites, efficiency, and effectiveness. Another vital point is that the participants do not have to travel, can participate in the comfort of their own home at the convenient time to suit them. Further, the people who are hosting the webinar are able to record the webinar with the playback facility, that again helps them to reach more target audience in the longer period of time.

Holding webinars like this instead of conference helps the business people to cut down on their administrative expenses. All that you need to have a webinar is a computer and internet access and also you can provide downloadable materials like worksheets, checklists, and reference files.

Webinars best practices help organizers to reach larger audience faster than ever before. The participants and attendees can easily interact with each other through Q & A sessions, polls, document sharing no matter where they are. But you might wonder how to do a webinar and how to record a webinar, I will do all that in detail in my next article.

Here are some different formats to run a webinar

Training session.

This is to pass on the skills and knowledge and normally will take about an hour, you can allow downloadable worksheets to the attendees to complete in the time. Please remember to have time for question and answer session.


Training course

This is more or less same as above but it runs in series of webinars as the multi-stage training course, the time limit will be about 20-30 minutes. You can give homework to attendees to complete between each session.

Keynote presentation

In this type of webinar, you will be doing most of the talking will last for about 40-50 minutes and also you will have to allow the attendees to participate in the Q & A session that will give the attendees a chance to interact with you.

 Interview an expert.

This is also like the webinar but here you bring some guest experts and interview them at the webinar so that your attendees can listen to the conversation between you and your guest. This way of presenting is just like the normal webinar apart from the fact you are having a guest expert.

Coaching and mentoring.

All the above type of webinars is involved in group discussions, but you can do this also on one to one basis.  You can allow your client to ask their questions to clear their doubts, on the other hand, you can ask the question and wait for them to give you the answer. This refers to coaching, mentoring and consulting.

Some people might say that webinars on the internet are less effective than meeting in person, this might be good for people who are not accustomed to using internet properly. That said, having webinars on the internet are more effective as the information could be passed on fast and also you can keep them for a long time and refer back whenever you need. During these webinars, you will have better opportunity to meet more people than in person to share knowledge and learn more from it.

The use of webinars is allowing the people to interact and exchange information faster than ever before, therefore it has attained a big popularity in web conferencing. They can use the fullest advantage of the internet to build brand awareness, attract customers and sell more products.


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